CogSci Traditions


Continuing our old Lutter-tradition of going on weekend trips to historic castles in the first weeks of the winter semester, a few years ago we discovered Burg Lohra (, located somewhere in Thüringen.

As this castle is big enough to fit a few hundred people, everybody - be it first semester students, other students, alumni, the second-best course of study (Systemwissenschaften), or your best friends - really, everbody can come. On Lohra, we will spend three to four days huddled together, having a good time with our friends and getting to know all the other people you didn't know how much you love yet. During the days, we will have a lot of workshops, ranging from ice-breaker activities, acrobatic practices, drinking games, artsie stuff, sports, and whatever you and your buddies can contribute. In the evening, you may continue doing that or start dancing to music everybody loves.
Next to the roof over your head and a place to dance in, there will be a lot of beer and non-alcoholic drinks sold at non-profit prices, and our kitchen crew will provide you with more food than you'll ever be able to eat or even carry (believe us!).
So, prepare for two cozy and cuddly nights at our very own castle, which, spoiler warning, looks fantastic:



...and because we love going there so much, we've decided that we go there in the summer semesters as well. Everything is the same, except less need to huddle against each together, everybody can stay outside all the time, and you don't have to wait that long for the next one! <3

Pub Crawl & Skatehall-Party

You probably won't get too much sleep in your freshmen week!
Next to all other events during this week, on Monday, we will book the Skatehall, Osnabrück's best place to party to electronic music, to introduce you all to our love for dancing and partying.

And because that's not enough, on Friday there is our infamous pub crawl. Here you will get to know the bars in Osnabrück, play a lot of fun games led by older generations of CogSci-Students, and maybe drink one or two beers on the way. The plan is to go from bar to bar and solve some fun riddles as well as do some group exercises at each place. This is also a great opportunity to get to know some of your fellow students from the first semester, so come and have fun with us!

Christmas Party

Every year before we leave to celebrate Christmas with our families, we meet up one last time to enjoy our companionship at the Christmas Party, which we celebrate at Osnabrück's Rosenhof. There is a great buffet, free Glühwein, and as much to drink as you want. Also, there is a nice evening program, followed by the opportunity to dance to our own DJs. If you have a band, recently wrote a poem or are in any other direction especially gifted - or you are not, but however want to contribute - feel free to come up with some nice performance yourself! :) You will be informed about further details early enough to think about your opportunity of staging something or just come and enjoy the party. You can be sure that at least some of your professors will be present to watch you singing or acting and it will be a great opportunity for you to get to know them outside of university. Also, there are will be photographers present, so if you want to look nice in your pictures, this may be the right situation to suit up! :)


Once you started studying the best course of study in the world, you probably don't need to be convinced by it anymore. But you can still convince others! During the Schnupperstudium, pupils that are interested in CogSci will be in Osnabrück for three days, have a nice barbeceue and other social events with everybody who wants to join, and pepper all of us with a lot of questions about CogSci. If you want to actively participate in all that, you can host a cute Schnuppie yourself and spread the love for what you're doing here. Look for the call for hosts in your E-Mail around march.

T-Shirt Contest

If you walked around the campus a bit already, you may have noticed that CogSci-Students are very easy to indentify, amongst others because the T-Shirts and Hoodies they wear. These T-Shirts are the winners of the annual T-shirt contest, where everybody is invited to design this year's logo, which will be voted upon before Christmas, such that the winner logo will be printed on Hoodies and T-Shirts that everybody then wears for the next years to come. Of course, not only first semester students wear them, but pretty much everybody buys at least one - the longer you study, the bigger your T-Shirt collection will become! <3
Information about the contest and pictures of previous T-Shirt logos can be found on the T-Shirt page!

Graduation Day Party

Not only our student body is able to come up with decent events, but also the institute itself. Once you finished your studies, you are permitted to join this once-in-a-lifetime event, dress up in your nicest clothes and prepare to get your certificate in a very chic and ceremonial event where most of your classmates, almost all professors, and even your parents will be present! Of course, afterwards, there will be the opportunity to enjoy each other's company or party more casually.

Trash Wednesday

Wednesday is Trash Day! The Trash is a retro furnished pub in Mellerstraße. Over the course of the past years, it was always well frequented by (especially older) chatty CogScis, delighted by their cheap beer, and not in the slightest disgusted by the fact that its a smoker's bar. The highlight of the Trash is a football table which is a place for heated competitions (as everyone knows you only get better with more alcohol).

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