Bachelor Tandem Mentoring Program

Welcome to our new Bachelor Tandem Mentoring Program. We developed it to give 2nd semesters some more support in the beginning of their studies - on the other hand, it also offers some insights and reflection for the 4th semester students being mentors. We would like to establish mentoring groups who meet on eye-level and exchange their perspectives and ideas. This can rely on spending free time together, talking over lunch or coffee, but could also include participating in workshops together. You can make your Tandem the way you would like it to be and we will try our best to support you with your plans. The most important thing is that you plan and participate on equal terms in this program. 

We are planning to form teams of different sizes, depending on the preferences of the applicants. The groups write down and hand in a "Tandem Agreement" where they set the terms and goals for the semester. This is nothing binding but a guide to see how much one achieved and a reminder for the plans that were made in the beginning. 
The Mentors will participate in a mandatory intro session and we will have approximately 2 feedback sessions during the semester, so all Mentors can exchange their experiences. 
In the end, the Mentors will hand in a written feedback report and the Mentees will give feedback too. The StuKo will decide upon their next meeting if the Mentors can be rewarded with a certificate and 1CP for their optional module, and we will keep you informed about that. 

We will match the teams by hand, according to their personal and academic interests, and to each preference you mentioned in the application. Please add anything you would like to be regarded in the text field at the very end of the application form, and we will try to account for your wishes.

The timeline you can find in the slides is just a rough outline. Once we have all applications and matched the teams, we will contact you and see when we will be able to set, for example, the Mentor Intro session or the first contact. 

The application form for Mentors:
The application form for Mentees:

The Mentoring Team will always be there if you have any questions or concerns about this programme! We will provide the application forms soon via the mailinglists. Please contact us, if you would like to have more information:

All the best, 
Your Mentoring Team

You can find the slides from the first meeting as an attachment to this page!
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