What can be printed?

Here is a short guide for developing a great T-Shirt-Artwork

  • Try to avoid gradients (Verläufe), that includes most pencil-hatchings (Schraffuren) for shadows, try to use hard shadows instead
  • The printers at Burg Lutter cannot print more than 4 colours - try to use colours not only once, but for multiple different areas
  • Try to keep things simple and design your artwork only with black and white. This way it looks good on many different t-shirts and it is much easier and cheaper to print
  • Vector-graphics are perfect, if you have no clue about what a vector-graphic is: Choose a high resolution (about 300 dpi are enough)
  • If you are a great pencil artist but do not have a clue with computers – scan your work and send it to us, we will try to find a solution
  • If you have a great idea you think is worth sharing, roughly sketch a drawing and send it us, too!

If there is a problem or question feel free to contact us!