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To be a student means quite more than just attending to courses and do your exams (well).
Sketch of all institutions

We know that your time as a good CogSci is rare, but you can do a lot of work to express or to engage yourself in a lot of different academic political topics. You can easily make the experience that it is really possible to influence the academic system and to improve your student environment just by a little engagement. But first of all we want to give you a small and compact overview about the most important institutions that are related to academic policy. Click the image on the right to view a sketch of all institutions in original size.

Fachschaft (student body)

Cognitive science students are in the lucky position to be in a study program that has its own Fachschaft, rather than to share it with others from the same faculty. Our famous Fachschaft cares about everything to make your study — well — more comfortable. Actually they created this nice "Freshmen Book" and organize the freshmen's week, the trip to Lutter, the Christmas party, the "Schnupperstudium" — some of you joined in the last semester before — and the canoe trip.

But there is a lot more to do than just this kind of fun stuff. We always try to improve the studying conditions, like opening new external courses to Cognitive Science. And we also can influence how the study fees are spent.
If you are more interested, go to their boards and read a more detailed description of their work (german).

Normally different topics are split up into work groups in which students work these issues out and present their new accomplishment at the next student body meeting. So feel free to join the Fachschaft!

And if you have some new ideas you can form your own work group or start your own project. You can gather further information — especially when and where the next meeting takes place — on the Fachschaft homepage.

We also recommend to register in the mailing list to be always well informed about the newest issues in the student body.


The University of Osnabrück is divided into ten so called "Fachbereiche" (which you may have also heard of as „Fakultäten“, as they are called at some other universities). Cognitive Science belongs to the 8th Humanwissenschaften". Every Fachbereich has it's own "Fachbereichsrat" normally consisting of 13 members. The Fachbereichsrat is responsible for the examination rules of the study program and is also able to suggest the hiring of new junior professors to the "Präsidium".

This council also elects the "Studiendekanat" and the "Studiendekan" (atm. Achim Stephan).


The top council of our University is called "Präsidium". It is responsible for most administrative decisions like introducing and abolishing courses of studies, authorization of examination rules or hiring new professors. Obviously they also have to deal with the money. Just to have it heard once in your study career our actual president is Prof. Dr-Ing. Claus Rainer Rollinger.


The Senat is the highest board, where students can have influence on teaching and the university in general. It's the final board to decide about nearly everything concerning your study program. The three students of this body for example held vote on the new Zulassungsordnung.

Studierendenparlament (StuPa)

The Studierendenparlament is a parliament consisting of 45 students, who decide what to do with the part of your Semesterbeitrag going to them (it's ONLY 10,23€ each). They give money to various initiatives. There is one for nearly everything, from a radio to an Amnesty international group. Maybe the most important job for the StuPa is the election of the AStA.

Have a look at it here

Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA)

The building housing the AStA is the Alte Münze 12 just next to the library in the city. The AStA is somehow the executive of the Studierendenparlament. They do most of the actual work. But what do they do for you?

  • You can meet a lawyer there for free, if you have a law problem.
  • There is a repair shop, where you can fix your bike.
  • They present an annual one-day festival, the Schlossinnenhof-Festival.
  • They loan a van for moving purposes.
  • One of the members of the AStA spends his time organizing what trains are included in the Semesterticket.
  • You can buy pen and papers from them in front of the Westerberg Mensa.
  • They coordinate the communication between different student bodies.

Have a look at their homepage

Hochschulgruppen (eng. campus groups)

You see students can influence many things. But who is in the StuPa, AStA or Senat? Mostly members of campus groups. You don't have to be in any party to go there. Most of these groups don't belong to any. They rather give themselves names to signal what they stand for. If you want to do something meaningful besides your studies, just ask us, the authors. We would be happy to explain where and when the groups meet to you. If you don't want to take part, please go voting! Senat and Studierendenparlament get elected by you. The more students vote, the more powerful they can represent you and your interests.

go find them here