Computer Stuff

Getting your User ID

In your enrollment paper you will find a user password. You need it for user recognition in order to gain access to important Rechenzentrum services like the Mailing list and Stud.IP.

  • Visit the “Rechenzentrums” homepage.
  • Click on the link “Benutzererkennung abfragen” on the top of the page.

    Here you have to enter your matriculation number and your given user password. You will be given a login ID, called RZ account, made out of your first and last name’s letters. After the user recognition you are allowed to use the Rechenzentrum’s services.

  • Still, it is recommended to change the given password.


    Advice – Creating complex passwords

    Many people have trouble in creating a complex password, which is still easy to remember. A good method is to think of a sentence and use the first letter of each word as the password. For instance:

    “Tomorrow is the second of August and my brother’s wedding” becomes “Tit2oAambw”

Mailing List

The faculty has several mailing lists to keep people informed during their studies. Every year has its own mailing list as well as there is a list with which you can reach all Coxis:-)

Through the mailing lists, daily information about courses updates, tutorials, changes in date and also social activity plans are emailed to your webmail account.

If you are interested to get involved in the student body it is also a good idea to subscribe to the Fachschafts mailing list but it is not needed if you don`t want to. The only list you really should subscribe to is stud.bsc if you are a bachelor student or stud.master if you are a master student.

Notice that if you have a problem that does not concern all cognitive science students but only bachelor students you can use for example the email address

Check the following two links, follow the orders and subscribe yourself with your email address to the appropriate mailing list.

To login into your webmail account just visit and use your login ID and password.

Internet access

The University of Osnabrück provides wireless LAN on campus. Detailed information on how to obtain access can be found at the Rechenzentrum.

The recommended access method is eduroam, but if you just want the quick-and-dirty version, you can use WPA2 instead:

  • Acquire the WPA2 key using your RZ login here.
  • Connect to the network with the SSID "Uni Osnabrueck".
  • Visit any website with your favorite web browser or go directly to since you will be redirected at any rate.
  • Use your RZ login there to finally gain access to the internet.

That's it. Go enjoy the bandwidth!


On the Rechenzentrum homepage you can download free software such as Windows 7 or Mathematica. Visit this link to get more information.

On the Apple on Campus page you can get MacBooks etc. for the student's price.

Printing, Copying, Scanning

If you want to copy or print something you can use the multifunction devices provided by the university. In order to use these you will need your Campuscard (and have money on it). Detailed information  can be found at the Rechenzentrum’s webpages.

A few basic things 

The prices for copying and printing are:

  • €0.04 for an A4 page.
  • €0.08 for an A3 page.

The printer which you will probably use most is located in room 31/152. Again, the Rechenzentrum’s webpages maintain a list of all device locations.

IKW Network

The IKW admins provide a variety of services (databases, remote access, mailing lists, etc.) within the IKW network infrastructure. To get more information, read the documentation or contact your Working Group Proxy.