CogSci Traditions

Trash Wednesday

Wednesday is Trash Day! The Trash is a retro furnished pub in Mellerstraße. In summer you can sit outside and enjoy the mild nights. Wednesdays you can meet some chatty CogScis delighted by the low beer prices (Pils 1,50 €, Weizen 2 €). In their smoking area you can watch a campfire, a dashing washing machine or even a “Brathähnchen” via TV. The highlight of the Trash is a football table so it is a place for competitions as well.


This is a fun event on the evening of Friday, October 18th 2013, that is the last day of your freshmen week. Here you get to know the city Osnabrück and some older Cogsci students, mainly from the third semester. The plan is to go from bar to bar and solve some fun riddles, do some exercises at each place. Also, don't worry, you'll have lots of chances to drink, too! This is also a great opportunity to get to know some of your fellow students from the first semester, whom you might not have had the chance to get to know before. -Not like that ;) So come and have fun with us!

T-Shirt Contest

The T-Shirt tradition is a quite nice tradition. Every year there is a contest where everybody is invited to design this year's logo. If you are fortunate enough your logo will be the one to be printed on Hoodies and T-Shirts which you can buy in order to show the whole world that you are one of the happy and pretty cool CogScis. Information about the contest and pictures of previous T-Shirt logos can be found on the T-Shirt page!


Every year in November we will come together for the traditional Lutter-weekend. We will be staying in “Burg Lutter” (, a historic castle located in the town Lutter near the Harz-Mountains that is managed by an anarchistic commune. There you can either engage in various workshops and activities or use the relaxed atmosphere of the castle to meet other Coxis. Of course, this is not just an excellent opportunity to squeeze out information from higher semesters, but also to have some fun and party together.

Apart from a dry place to sleep our kitchen crew will also provide you with warm meals and breakfast (if you really manage to wake up early enough). Beer and non-alcoholic drinks will be sold at non-profit prices.

Christmas Party

Every year around Christmas there is a big Freshmen Welcome Party for all Coxis and their friends down in the castle. We'll have a great buffet, hectoliters of beer and wine and some nice evening program. Also, if you are specially gifted - or you are not, but however want to contribute - feel free to come up with some nice performance :) You can be sure that at least some of your professors will be present to watch you singing or acting and it will be a great opportunity for you to get to know them outside of university. You will be informed about further details early enough to think about your opportunity of staging something or just come and enjoy the party.

Canoe Trip

Early summer an armada of canoes cover the Hase's deep blue windings. Equipted with rum, paddles and soap bubble cannons, young people are on a quest to become pirates. Covering tens of thousands of meters on the harsh, reckless sea their only stop is for a restorative nap in the wild at dead of night. As legend has it, they organize their suicidal adventure via the wild wild web annually.