How to Do X

The student body exists primarily to represent the students and to advance the interests of all Cognitive Science students. Depending on what your interests are, this may have different forms. This page provide's a who-is-who and how-to to have your interests advanced by the student body.

Study Advisory for Prospective Students

So you want to study cognitive science? The student body will gladly answer all your questions, best is to contact them at Also, Dr. Helmar Gust is responsible for study advisory for prospective students and may help you in the admission process. Also please note that we offer a Schnupperstudium (study taster) each June, participation is free and highly recommended if you seriously think about studying cognitive science!

Individual Counseling and Study Planning

Individual study planning is performed by the student mentors, Malena GeisbergerLasse Bergmann and Lukas Meuser, who you can contact on They'll help you with your study planning challenges, advise you on which courses to take, how to proceed in different formal matters (i.e. getting credits for courses you took in your semester abroad or at other universities or how to register for oral examinations) and perform "sanity checks" for your study plan so far.

I want to join the student body!

Perfect! Technically speaking, this is not even necessary, as all cognitive science students are part of the student body. If you want to actively help making CogSci the best programme on this planet (or taking small steps thereto), first thing you should do is join our mailing list to stay up to date with everything that's happening. Finally, attending our meetings is a smart thing to do - the first meeting of each semester will be announced on the stud.all mailing list, all others over the fachschaft's mailing list.

Having course X count towards module Y

Say you found this fantastic course on neurotrophic factors in early developmental stages and wonder why this does not contribute towards your neurobiology module (it does so if and only if the IKW's list of lecture says so). This may have different reasons. If the course is taught by a lecturer of this institute, then there are probably good reasons this course does not contribute to some specific module. For courses taught at other institutes, the lecturer may simply not be aware that this course is of interest to cognitive science students. I this case, follow these steps if you want to have this course accredited:

  1. contact the lecturer and ask if it was okay if cognitive science students participate in his course.
  2. If he approves, contact the members of the Studienkomission (StuKo) to have this topic on the agenda for their next meeting (usually this will be the first week after the semester starts for such topics)
  3. If they approve, the course will be added to the aforementioned list of courses and count towards the module.

I want event X to happen!

A barbecue for all CogSci students? A block course taught by Y? A talk by Z? Can do! Please feel encouraged to share your ideas with the student body. We have meetings on a irregular basis, but usually once a month. Simply mail your ideas to and we'll put it to our agenda and invite you to the meeting (which are public anyway), where we will discuss if and how we can realise your ideas.