Kanutour 2013

HARR all ya scullywags out there!
Shiver me timbers, it is time to set out for plundering and looting again! Gather up ye parrots, eyepatches and fill ye bottles o’rum! On tha 15. and 16. of bloody June we set the sails. Our foray will lead us from the lousy Heseppe over tha harbor of Bersenbrück, were me ships will halt for some grog, meal and sleep to Quackenbrück. Like in tha good ol’ time we will plunder whatever we find along tha way! If some of you landlubbers are man enough to join me and me crew, fill out tha contract below! Everybody else prepare to be boarded and walk the plank. Mutineers will be keelhauld!

or: Kanutour 2013 am 15./16. Juni!

To the registration form!

So three sheets to the wind me hearties! I be awaitin’ ye onboard!

The Captain & his Crew