Module Examination Protocols

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Module Datesort icon Examiner
Artificial Intellicence Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence Claus Rollinger
Artificial Intellicence test
Computer Linguistics Sabine Reinhard
Neuroinformatics Volker Sperschneider
Neuroinformatics Volker Sperschneider
Neurobiology Jeserich
Philosophy of Mind 2001-06-01 Uwe Meyer
Neuroinformatics 2001-08-19 Barbara Hammer
Computer Science 2001-09-19 Vornberger
Computer Science 2001-09-19 Vornberger
Computer Science 2001-09-19 Vornberger
Computer Science 2002-01-01 Vornberger
Computer Science 2002-01-01 Schmidt
Philosophy of Mind 2002-03-01 Uwe Meyer
Neuroinformatics 2002-07-01 Christian Eurich
Neurobiology 2002-07-08 Brandt
Computer Science 2002-08-14 Vornberger
Computer Linguistics 2002-08-28 Peter Bosch
Computer Science 2002-09-10 Vornberger
Computer Linguistics 2002-09-18 Peter Bosch
Computer Science 2002-09-24 Vornberger
Computer Science 2002-09-25 Vornberger
Computer Science 2002-09-25 Vornberger
Mathematics 2003-01-01 Vogt
Neurobiology 2003-01-01 Brandt
Neurobiology 2003-01-01 Brandt
Philosophy of Mind 2003-03-01 Uwe Meyer
Computer Linguistics 2003-03-26 Sabine Reinhard
Computer Linguistics 2003-03-26 Sabine Reinhard
Neurobiology 2003-04-03 Brandt
Neurobiology 2003-04-03 Brandt
Cognitive Psychology 2003-04-07 Schmalhofer
Cognitive Psychology 2003-06-16 Schmalhofer
Neuroinformatics 2003-08-27 Sperschneider
Computer Science 2004-01-01 Vornberger
Computer Science 2004-01-01 Vornberger
Neurobiology 2004-03-01 Brandt
Computer Science 2004-04-07 Kniesel
Neurobiology 2004-07-01 Brandt
Computer Science 2004-07-22 Thiesing
Neurobiology 2004-08-06 Brandt
Neuroinformatics 2004-08-17 Sperschneider
Computer Linguistics 2004-09-01 Peter Bosch
Computer Science 2004-09-27 Vornberger
Philosophy of Mind 2005-02-04 Uwe Meyer
Computer Science 2005-02-18 Vornberger
Neurobiology 2005-04-08 Prof. Dr. Brandt
Neuroinformatics 2005-05-06 Sperschneider
Cognitive Psychology 2005-07-11 Prof. Dr. Franz Schmalhofer
Computer Science 2005-07-28 Volker Sperschneider
Computer Science 2005-08-17 Vornberger
Computer Science 2005-08-17 Vornberger
Computer Linguistics 2006-04-12 Graham Katz
Neuroinformatics 2006-05-01 Martin Riedmiller
Computer Linguistics 2006-06-29 Graham Katz
Philosophy of Mind 2006-07-13 Achim Stephan
Computer Science 2006-07-18 Oliver Vornberger
Cognitive Psychology 2006-08-01 Schmalhofer
Computer Science 2006-12-12 Joachim Hertzberg
Artificial Intellicence 2006-12-13 Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence 2007-07-19 Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2007-07-26 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2008-08-12 Oliver Vornberger
Artificial Intellicence 2008-10-01 Helmar Gust
Cognitive Psychology 2009-02-01 U. Ansorge
Artificial Intellicence 2009-02-05 Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2009-05-01 Sperschneider
Philosophy of Mind 2009-08-03 Sven Walter
Neuroinformatics 2009-08-06 Stephan Timmer
Neuroinformatics 2009-08-07 Stephan Timmer
Neuroinformatics 2009-09-23 Stephan Timmer
Computer Science 2009-09-28 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2009-10-15 Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2010-04-29 Stephan Timmer
Neurobiology 2010-05-01 Roland Brandt
Computer Science 2010-10-11 Oliver Vornberger
Cognitive Psychology 2011-03-21 Frank Jäkel
Artificial Intellicence 2011-04-13 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Neurobiology 2011-05-03 Gunnar Jeserich
Neuroinformatics 2011-08-11 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2011-09-20 Gordon Pipa
Artificial Intellicence 2012-02-03 Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2012-02-23 Oliver Vornberger, Volker Sperschneider
Computer Linguistics 2012-03-21 Peter Bosch
Computer Science 2012-04-17 Oliver Vornberger, Volker Sperschneider
Artificial Intellicence 2012-05-18 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Neurobiology 2012-09-21 Peter König
Computer Linguistics 2012-11-14 Stefan Hinterwimmer
Computer Science 2013-04-04 Oliver Vornberger
Artificial Intellicence 2013-06-06 Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence 2013-06-27 PD Dr.-Ing. Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2013-08-13 Prof. Vornberger, Prof. Chimani
Computer Science 2013-08-14 Vornberger, Pulvermüller
Artificial Intellicence 2013-08-15 Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Computer Science 2014-02-18 Vornberger
Artificial Intellicence 2014-03-27 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Artificial Intellicence 2014-05-06 Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2014-09-18 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2014-09-18 Chimani
Philosophy of Mind 2014-11-14 Sven Walter
Artificial Intellicence 2014-11-21 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Computer Science 2014-12-11 Prof. Vornberger
Cognitive Psychology 2014-12-11 Frank Jäkel, Ulla Martens
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-08-05 Prof. Vornberger
Cognitive Psychology 2015-09-02 Ulla Martens
Artificial Intellicence 2015-09-22 Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence 2015-09-23 PD Dr. Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2015-10-20 Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger
Cognitive Psychology 2015-11-06 Frank Jäkel
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Prof. Dr. G Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Prof Dr Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-08 Prof. Dr. Pipa
Cognitive Psychology 2015-12-08 Frank Jäkel
Computer Science 2015-12-15 Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-01-12 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2016-01-12 Gordon Pipa
Computer Science 2016-03-02 Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger
Cognitive Psychology 2016-03-14 Axel Kohler
Artificial Intellicence 2016-03-21 Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-03-29 Gordon Pipia
Computer Science 2016-04-06 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2016-04-06 Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-04-14 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2016-04-26 Gordon Pipa
Computer Science 2016-04-27 Prof. Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-08-02 Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2016-08-02 Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa
Computer Science 2016-08-31 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2016-10-19 Vornberger und Chimani
Computer Science 2016-12-14 Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-02-15 Vornberger & Chimani
Computer Science 2017-02-15 Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-04-05 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-04-05 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-05-24 Ulf Krumnack & Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-07-12 Oliver Vornberger
Neurobiology 2017-08-01 Prof. Dr. Peter König
Computer Science 2017-08-09 Oliver Vornberger
Neurobiology 2017-08-15 Jeserich
Neurobiology 2017-08-15 Jeserich
Computer Linguistics 2017-09-11 Mingya Liu

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