Neuroinformatics, 2016-01-12

Gordon Pipa
Olivera Stojanovic
Tue, 2016-01-12


Modulprüfung: Neuroinformatics Fachsemester: 7
Prüfer/2.Prüfer: Pipa / Stojanovic


Was hast du zur Prüfungsvorbereitung benutzt?
Was wir hilfreich, was war weniger hilfreich?

Skript and Lecture Slides and Examination Protocols


Prüfungsdatum: 12.01.2016
Wiederholungsprüfung? nein
Note: 1.0 Bereiche nach Zeit: no clue

Fragensammlung: wie lauteten die Fragen im einzelnen?


Bayes, Modelvalidation, Modelselection, Basisfct (similar to other protocols)
You said that with AIC the parameters are punished, can we use this when the sample size is low? --> No, use AICc instead which also punishes sample size

Computer Vision (Sampling Theorem and Image Enhancement):

Tell me about the sampling theorem. --> Much blahblah
How to get rid of alias effects, example for alias effects in real life.
Asked how to get from normal space to frequency space --> Fourier

Tell me about Image Enhancement --> global and local contrast
If I have artifacts which are on certain pixels because of the camera or sth like that how do I get rid of them --> filtering with average
Average is ok, but for larger kernels it's not so good, what to take else --> median
What does the Median-filter do, why is this better? --> take the median gray value, also works good for larger kernels

Was mußte schriftlich gelöst werden?

Nothing in partiular, but I wrote down Bayes and draw pictures for the CV part

Persönlicher Kommmentar, Was war toll? Was war doof? Was war auffällig?

I got a coffee and Pipa was really nice.