Cognitive Psychology, 2015-12-08

Cognitive Psychology
Frank Jäkel
Axel Kohler
Tue, 2015-12-08

Examination topics:
Cognitive Psychology (made the course with Ulla Martens but was tested by Jäkel)20 min
-> Perception
-> Memory (Sensory,STM/Working Memory, LTM, Encoding and Retrieval)
-> Problem Solving
Probabilistic Modeling of Perception and Cognition 10 min
-> Probability Theory
-> Signal Detection Theory

The whole examination lasted 30 minutes. I got an 1.3 :) It was a really nice atmosphere.

Problem Solving

Q:What is fixation in the context of Problem Solving?
A:definition of problem, functional fixedness
Q: Can you describe an experiment associated with that?
A:Candle experiment
Q:In the same book was another Problem described: Radiation problem, what is this?
A:Explain the concept of Analogies, source problem: Fortress, target problem: Radiation problem experiment
Q: What is the difference between Expert and Novices?
A: explain Problem solving characteristics,surface&structural features Experiment with students and profs.
Bonus Q: What is the difference between Experiments in Problem Solving and other fields in Psychology?(Good or bad?)
A:(Didn't know what he wanted) More introspective: Think aloud protocol, probably not good because no isolated criterion for averaging over patients

Q:Why do we distinguish between LTM and STM?
A:Serial position curve, double dissociation of patients (didn't know that at first)

Q:What is the recognition by component theory?
A: describe concept, componential recovery principle (he didn't care about Top down & Bottom up), geons
Q: What are geons defined about? view invariance ?
A: Didn't know...

Probability Theory:
Q:What is the Bayes' formula?
A: write formula, explain terms, derive analytically
Q: What is the ROC curve? What is the d'-criterion?
A: (I was really nervous and unstructured here, defined d' wrong :()Describe Signal Detector and responder roll, Hit, False Alarms, Miss, Correct Rejection, Costs, vary threshold, draw gaussians

Notes: He was unhappy about the view invariance thing and really sad about d' but knew that I was nervous. They were really nice and help you with some cues if you are stuck