Module Examination Protocols

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Module Date Examiner
Computer Linguistics 2017-09-11 Mingya Liu
Neurobiology 2017-08-15 Jeserich
Computer Science 2017-08-09 Oliver Vornberger
Neurobiology 2017-08-01 Prof. Dr. Peter König
Computer Science 2017-07-12 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-05-24 Ulf Krumnack & Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-04-05 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-04-05 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2017-02-15 Vornberger & Chimani
Computer Science 2017-02-15 Vornberger
Computer Science 2016-12-14 Vornberger
Computer Science 2016-10-19 Vornberger und Chimani
Computer Science 2016-08-31 Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-08-02 Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2016-08-02 Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa
Computer Science 2016-04-27 Prof. Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-04-26 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2016-04-14 Gordon Pipa
Computer Science 2016-04-06 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2016-04-06 Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-03-29 Gordon Pipia
Artificial Intellicence 2016-03-21 Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger
Cognitive Psychology 2016-03-14 Axel Kohler
Computer Science 2016-03-02 Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2016-01-12 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2016-01-12 Gordon Pipa
Computer Science 2015-12-15 Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-08 Prof. Dr. Pipa
Cognitive Psychology 2015-12-08 Frank Jäkel
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Prof. Dr. G Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2015-12-01 Prof Dr Gordon Pipa
Cognitive Psychology 2015-11-06 Frank Jäkel
Computer Science 2015-10-20 Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger
Artificial Intellicence 2015-09-23 PD Dr. Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence 2015-09-22 Helmar Gust
Cognitive Psychology 2015-09-02 Ulla Martens
Computer Science 2015-08-05 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2015-04-09 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2014-12-11 Prof. Vornberger
Cognitive Psychology 2014-12-11 Frank Jäkel, Ulla Martens
Artificial Intellicence 2014-11-21 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Philosophy of Mind 2014-11-14 Sven Walter
Computer Science 2014-09-18 Prof. Vornberger
Computer Science 2014-09-18 Chimani
Artificial Intellicence 2014-05-06 Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence 2014-03-27 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Computer Science 2014-02-18 Vornberger
Artificial Intellicence 2013-08-15 Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Computer Science 2013-08-14 Vornberger, Pulvermüller
Computer Science 2013-08-13 Prof. Vornberger, Prof. Chimani
Artificial Intellicence 2013-06-27 PD Dr.-Ing. Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence 2013-06-06 Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2013-04-04 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Linguistics 2012-11-14 Stefan Hinterwimmer
Neurobiology 2012-09-21 Peter König
Artificial Intellicence 2012-05-18 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Computer Science 2012-04-17 Oliver Vornberger, Volker Sperschneider
Computer Linguistics 2012-03-21 Peter Bosch
Computer Science 2012-02-23 Oliver Vornberger, Volker Sperschneider
Artificial Intellicence 2012-02-03 Helmar Gust
Neuroinformatics 2011-09-20 Gordon Pipa
Neuroinformatics 2011-08-11 Gordon Pipa
Neurobiology 2011-05-03 Gunnar Jeserich
Artificial Intellicence 2011-04-13 Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Cognitive Psychology 2011-03-21 Frank Jäkel
Computer Science 2010-10-11 Oliver Vornberger
Neurobiology 2010-05-01 Roland Brandt
Neuroinformatics 2010-04-29 Stephan Timmer
Computer Science 2009-10-15 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2009-09-28 Oliver Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2009-09-23 Stephan Timmer
Neuroinformatics 2009-08-07 Stephan Timmer
Neuroinformatics 2009-08-06 Stephan Timmer
Philosophy of Mind 2009-08-03 Sven Walter
Computer Science 2009-05-01 Sperschneider
Artificial Intellicence 2009-02-05 Helmar Gust
Cognitive Psychology 2009-02-01 U. Ansorge
Artificial Intellicence 2008-10-01 Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2008-08-12 Oliver Vornberger
Computer Science 2007-07-26 Oliver Vornberger
Artificial Intellicence 2007-07-19 Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence 2006-12-13 Helmar Gust
Computer Science 2006-12-12 Joachim Hertzberg
Cognitive Psychology 2006-08-01 Schmalhofer
Computer Science 2006-07-18 Oliver Vornberger
Philosophy of Mind 2006-07-13 Achim Stephan
Computer Linguistics 2006-06-29 Graham Katz
Neuroinformatics 2006-05-01 Martin Riedmiller
Computer Linguistics 2006-04-12 Graham Katz
Computer Science 2005-08-17 Vornberger
Computer Science 2005-08-17 Vornberger
Computer Science 2005-07-28 Volker Sperschneider
Cognitive Psychology 2005-07-11 Prof. Dr. Franz Schmalhofer
Neuroinformatics 2005-05-06 Sperschneider
Neurobiology 2005-04-08 Prof. Dr. Brandt
Computer Science 2005-02-18 Vornberger
Philosophy of Mind 2005-02-04 Uwe Meyer
Computer Science 2004-09-27 Vornberger
Computer Linguistics 2004-09-01 Peter Bosch
Neuroinformatics 2004-08-17 Sperschneider
Neurobiology 2004-08-06 Brandt
Computer Science 2004-07-22 Thiesing
Neurobiology 2004-07-01 Brandt
Computer Science 2004-04-07 Kniesel
Neurobiology 2004-03-01 Brandt
Computer Science 2004-01-01 Vornberger
Computer Science 2004-01-01 Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2003-08-27 Sperschneider
Cognitive Psychology 2003-06-16 Schmalhofer
Cognitive Psychology 2003-04-07 Schmalhofer
Neurobiology 2003-04-03 Brandt
Neurobiology 2003-04-03 Brandt
Computer Linguistics 2003-03-26 Sabine Reinhard
Computer Linguistics 2003-03-26 Sabine Reinhard
Philosophy of Mind 2003-03-01 Uwe Meyer
Mathematics 2003-01-01 Vogt
Neurobiology 2003-01-01 Brandt
Neurobiology 2003-01-01 Brandt
Computer Science 2002-09-25 Vornberger
Computer Science 2002-09-25 Vornberger
Computer Science 2002-09-24 Vornberger
Computer Linguistics 2002-09-18 Peter Bosch
Computer Science 2002-09-10 Vornberger
Computer Linguistics 2002-08-28 Peter Bosch
Computer Science 2002-08-14 Vornberger
Neurobiology 2002-07-08 Brandt
Neuroinformatics 2002-07-01 Christian Eurich
Philosophy of Mind 2002-03-01 Uwe Meyer
Computer Science 2002-01-01 Vornberger
Computer Science 2002-01-01 Schmidt
Computer Science 2001-09-19 Vornberger
Computer Science 2001-09-19 Vornberger
Computer Science 2001-09-19 Vornberger
Neuroinformatics 2001-08-19 Barbara Hammer
Philosophy of Mind 2001-06-01 Uwe Meyer
Artificial Intellicence Helmar Gust
Artificial Intellicence Claus Rollinger
Artificial Intellicence test
Computer Linguistics Sabine Reinhard
Neuroinformatics Volker Sperschneider
Neuroinformatics Volker Sperschneider
Neurobiology Jeserich

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