From Friday, November 15 2019 to Sunday, November 17 2019 we will come together for the traditional Freshmen weekend.

We will be staying in Burg Lohra, which is one of the biggest castle sites in Thüringen.

There you can engage in various workshops and activities or use the relaxed atmosphere of the castle to meet other CogScis. Certainly, this is not just an excellent opportunity to squeeze out information from higher semesters, but also to have some fun and party together.

Timetable, Costs and Registration

Registration will probably be open soon! So
 keep an eye out for mails!

Friday, November 15, (approx. 12:00): Departure at Osnabrück Central Station.

Meantime: Enjoying Lohra :)

Sunday, November 17, (approx. 19.00): Arriving back at Osnabrück Central Station.

The costs will be at around 55€ per person. This includes shuttle busses from the train station, accommodation and food on Lohra. If by any means you cannot afford the fee, contact us and we may be able to figure something out.

Further information and payment terms can be found at the registration form (available soon).

What you get and what to bring

Apart from a dry place to sleep, our kitchen crew will provide you with breakfast and warm meals at set hours. Beer and non-alcoholic drinks will be sold at non-profit prices.

Your personal suitcase should contain at least:

  • sleeping bag and camping mat
  • warm clothes and sturdy shoes (no pumps)
  • slippers for inside
  • dishes (plate, soup-bowl, fork, knife, spoon, cup, tupperware container and dish towel)
  • music, games, instruments and whatever has entertainment value
  • fancy drinks
  • loo paper
  • rubber boots


Want to suggest your own workshop? Contact us!

  • Unicorn Seminar
  • Math Homework / Informatics Homework
  • ...
  • to be continued!


Got remarks or any questions? Write us :)

Save the date

5.6.2020 - 7.6.220 --> We will visit Lohra again! In the summer semester nobody is a freshmen anymore, everyone is welcome, some alumni may join us and you can hope to share a room with the friends you made at the winter lohra ;)