Canoe Tour 2014: Registration open

Dear fellow CogScis,
As every year our fabulous Canoe tour will also take place this year. Our journey will start on the 28th of June in Hesepe and end in Quakenbrück the next day. In Bersenbrück we'll have a barbecue and spend the night. So grap your drinks, tents and whatever you want to bring along and prepare yourself for little sleep and a lot of fun.
But hurry, there is just a limited amount of boats and you don't want to miss this!

You can find the registration form at

See you soon,
Canoe Tour Orga Team

Information for new Master students (SS2014)

Dear fellow Coxi-Masters,

We are happy to welcome you in our colorful and friendly study program!

To get you started there will be an introductory session on Wednesday April 23rd starting at 2 pm. We will talk about the study regulations, student life and of course share the newest gossip. ;) Additionally, Prof. Dr. Fank Jäkel - one of our lecturers - will give you a short welcome to the Institute. After that we are also planning some presentations on current study projects and research groups who will introduce themselves to whet your appetite.
For some socializing, be prepared for a traditional evening program that will finish your transformation to a full-scale Coxi!

The details in short - on April 23rd...
If you want to, join in for a collective food-intake at the Westerberg Mensa at 12:30pm. Just look out for the friendly folks with a sign - that will be us.
The introduction itself will start at 2 pm in room E23, building 69.

If you have questions on courses or other stuff before...
feel free to contact the mentoring team ( for advice. There will also already be lectures on Tuesday 22.04. We'd recommend you to just visit everything that sounds interesting and not yet care about requirements or regulations.
You can find a list of lectures at the institute's website.

That’s it - enjoy your semester break and see you soon,
Malena and Leon

Registration open for Schnupperstudium 2014

Due to many individual requests to register early for our annual Schnupperstudium and give you more time to decide and prepare in general, we opened the Registration early this year and starting now, you can register for the event, which will happen 16th to 18th of June this year, at Schnupperstudium 2014. The registration will close at the end of April.

Kanutour 2013

HARR all ya scullywags out there!
Shiver me timbers, it is time to set out for plundering and looting again! Gather up ye parrots, eyepatches and fill ye bottles o’rum! On tha 15. and 16. of bloody June we set the sails. Our foray will lead us from the lousy Heseppe over tha harbor of Bersenbrück, were me ships will halt for some grog, meal and sleep to Quackenbrück. Like in tha good ol’ time we will plunder whatever we find along tha way! If some of you landlubbers are man enough to join me and me crew, fill out tha contract below! Everybody else prepare to be boarded and walk the plank. Mutineers will be keelhauld!

or: Kanutour 2013 am 15./16. Juni!

To the registration form!

So three sheets to the wind me hearties! I be awaitin’ ye onboard!

The Captain & his Crew

New Master Students SS2013

We welcome all of the new Master students who started (or extended) their Cognitive Science lifetime this semester. Feel welcome and don't be afraid to ask anyone or write to the mailing lists, if you need help or have a question!

You can subscribe to the Master mailinglist at

Please share this information as the lists are an official medium of communication between students at our institute and many important messages will be received through the lists.

T-Shirt Order 2012/2013

This terms T-Shirt contest winner is the "Cognitive Science? Marvellous!" design by Benedikt Ehinger.
Until the 15.4.2013 at 0:00, you can order a Cogsci T-shirt or a hoody here: T-Shirt Order Form!

Anmeldung für das Schnupperstudium 2013 eröffnet

Ab jetzt bis zum 30. April kann man sich auf der Schnupperstudiums-Seite anmelden!

english version:
The registration for Schnupperstudium 2013 is open from now to 30th of April. Register at the dedicated Schnupperstudium site.

T-Shirt Contest 2012

Liebe Ersties und liebe alte Hasen,
es ist mal wieder so weit: Ein neues Jahr hat begonnen und ein neues T-Shirt muss her!
Seid verrückt, seit kreativ und schickt uns eure Vorschläge für das ultimative Cognitive Science Motiv! Vor allem ihr, liebe Ersties, bekommt hier die Möglichkeit euer Semester hübsch aussehen zu lassen!

Ihr habt bis zum 20.11. Zeit um eure Ideen und Entwürfe an Sören
( zu schicken. Vorgaben für das Format und weitere Infos findet ihr hier:

Solltet ihr nicht in der Lage sein eure Idee grafisch darzustellen, sendet uns einfach eure Skizze zu und wir versuchen jemanden zu finden, der diese umsetzen kann.
Nach der Deadline (20.11.!!!) werden alle gesammelten Vorschläge online abgestimmt, denn nur ein Motiv kann gewinnen, nur eins wird unseren Studiengang repräsentieren dürfen und nur eins wird auf unseren T-Shirts und Pullis glänzen!
It’s on!

English version:
Dear freshmen, dear old hands,
The time has come again: A new year has been started and a new t-shirt is needed!
Be crazy, be creative and send us your suggestions for the ultimate Cognitive Science motive! Especially you, freshmen, get the opportunity to make your semester look pretty!
You can send your idea to Sören ( until the 20.11., for more details go on:
In case you are not able of getting the format right, don’t worry. Just send us your draft and we will find a way to transform it.
After the deadline the collected designs will be put on vote online because only one design will be printed on our t-shirts and pullovers.
It’s on!

Lutter Registration

The space in Lutter is limited, so hurry up :) Freshmen will be preferred when it comes to who is going to conquer the castle.

Withdrawals are non-refundable! But you are always free to find anyone else who is willing to take your place. Read more about this at the last point of the registration-form.

Costs and Bank Account Details

This year's costs are 42€ each. The money has to be received until Thursday November 3rd 2016.

Please log in to see the bank account details.

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