Cognitive Science in Osnabrück

Has it always been your wish to study Cognitive Science or are you just wondering what it is like to study Cognitive Science? If your answer to either of these questions is "Yes", check the institute's information page on what CogSci is like in Osnabrück.


Mainly there are two different institutions you would encounter during the course of your studies: the Institute of Cognitive Science (IKW) and the cognitive science study courses. The former is concerned with research while the latter is all about teaching.

The IKW was installed in 2001, thus replacing the Institut für Semantische Informationsverarbeitung. It now is an institution of the faculties of humanities and mathematics/computer science.

The study courses were set up in 1998. The Cognitive Science undergraduate program in Osnabrück was the first of its kind in Germany. The curricula replaced the Magisterstudiengang Computerlinguistik und Künstliche Intelligenz and were first accredited in 2003.


Study Courses

Osnabrück is one of the few places around the planet which maintains programs for all degrees: Bachelor, Master and PhD.